Green Turtle Estate Coffee—Our Story

Green Turtle Estate Coffee Owner & Farmer, Dennis Albert, has fond memories of growing up on a farm in Montana, and had always dreamed of returning to farming. Thankfully, he was able to make that dream come true by purchasing 15 acres for coffee planting in the district of Ka'u Hawaii back in 2001. 

He remembers the day he bought the coffee farm back in 2001; a gulch cut across one corner of its 26-acre extent, and when you walked up it you could see as much as ten feet of glorious black topsoil. The elevation meant plenty of rain, with cool nights - which is why he decided this was going to be the ideal spot for him and his coffee.Both of his sons were instrumental in helping him get started. His sons have since moved on from farming, but

Dennis chooses to focus all his energy on instilling the same passion in his grandchildren so that the small farm can remain active for years to come.